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Agile Coach Camp Canada 2013

I attended Agile Coach Camp Canada #ACCCA13 in Toronto on June 14-16. About a hundred people attended. Besides the folks from the Agile coaching and consultanting community, there were a healthy number of software developers, development managers, and others which really enriched the sessions. There was even an architect, Paul Whelan (who designs buildings, not software) who hosted a very inciteful session, and added a great deal to the Camp discussions. (See Jason Little’s blog post for details on Paul’s session)

The Camp was organizaed using Open Spaces Technology, and it worked extremely well. (Which is to be expected, given all the Agile practiioners!)

You can check out all the tweets, videos, and pics on epilogger

I kept notes of the sessions I attended, as well as references to resources like books and practices/frameworks that were discussed during the camp. I’ve created an “open notebook” from my notes, which you can find at: Agile Coach Camp Canada 2013 notes