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The True Genius of Brett Victor

I had a math prof in university that quipped:

True genius is not inventing a new mathematical theorm or discovering a new law a physics, these are things that very few people attempt. True genius is coming up with a new way of cheating at cards, or a new sexual position that was not known to the ancient greeks. True genius is in making discoveries in endevours that millions of people do every day.

By this definition the designer and UX expert Brett Victor is a true genius. If you have an interest in user experience (UX) design, or an interest in software development environments, you really owe it to yourself to watch Brett’s Inventing on Principle talk, where he discusses his principle:

“Creators Need an Immediate Connection to What They are Creating”

In the talk, Brett shows some truly brilliant ways to allow a software developer to have an immediate connection to the software they are writing. IMHO the ideas are “True Genius” because they offer radicilly new ways to interact with software while its being written. When you see the ideas, they seem “obvious”. Yet with millions of people involved in software development and using IDEs, Brett’s ideas are fresh and creative and take IDEs in an entirely new direction.

After you’ve watched the talk, head over to Brett’s web site Worry Dream for more creative brilliance.