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Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play - Selling With Integrity

Being on the software development side of the house, and being an engineer, business development, sales, and marketing have always been a bit of a foreign land for me. I’ve had the occasional visit (pre-sales support, RFP responses, some product management work, etc) but the land is strange and I don’t speak the language.

So it was a bit of a surprise that Let’s Get Real or Let’s not Play a book on selling and “transforming the buyer/seller relationship” captivated me. I devoured it within a day. The book is by Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig of the FranklinCovey Sales Performance Group.

If you are in any kind of a position where you are involved in getting and keeping customers, this book is a must read. And even if you are not, you will likely at times be called on to “sell” and idea, project or something to someone, somewhere .. your boss, another group within your company, etc. And if you are dealing with suppliers, you can use the lessons is this book to deal with them much more efficiently.

To quote Mahan:

Sales skills are life skills. What makes us better at sales makes us better in life. And vice versa. As we hone our abilities in sales, we learn to think more clearly and communicate more effectively. We use our time and other’s time more efficiently. We confront and overcome core human fears. We become more alert and flexible. Life is more engaging, more enjoyable.

The authors define “Getting Real” is defined as:

being authentic, saying exactly what you mean, and acting on your values. Getting real means challenging lazy thinking and penetrating facades, games, defenses, fears and illusions.

While the book is geared to people involved in business-to-business sales, and tilted towards the complex sale, I learned a lot from it. Highly, highly recommended.