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Blogging With Octopress

I’ve been thinking about creating a blog to make notes and have a place to keep cheatsheets and useful links. (My memory is getting rusty as I get older and wiser!)

I started out installing Wordpress… its a great blogging environment and CMS, but its overkill for my purposes. Besides, I use a cheap web hosting service, and running all that PHP slows things down.

So I decided to use markdown, which looks to be a very popular markup language, especially for developers. It’s used for GitHub wikis and readmes, and is turning up in lots of other places. It can be used to write books, for example Pro Git

To make things easy, I needed a static web site generator system set up for blogging. There are several to choose from … see Static Site Generators Gist or 32 Static Web Site Generators

I choose OctoPress which is based on Jekyll, the blog aware static site generator powering Github Pages. OctoPress takes care of HTML templates, CSS, Javascripts, configuration, and building. It’s easy to install, and it provides a nice default layout for blogging.

What you see is the result.