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Agile Coach Camp Canada 2013

These are the notes I took during Agile Coach Camp Canada 2013, held in Toronto, June 14-16, 2013. Several pople saw me typing furiously on my iPad during the Camp, and asked if I could make my notes available. So here they are. These notes are very incomplete, sine I could only attend a sub-set of the sessions, and I have a hard time typing and listening at the same time! They are likely to have inaccuracies.

I’d be happy to have people comment on the notes … send me your corrections, additions, notes you took, links to videos and I’ll add to what I’ve written here. In particular, I know videos were taken at a number of the sessions, but I don’t have links to all of them.



General References

Open Spaces Technology Format

The Coach Camp was run using the “Open Spaces” technology approach. See ACCCA 13 Open Spaces for a bit more information.


These are notes from session I attended

Other Sessions

These are sessions I either did not attend, or did not take notes

  • Why is communications coaching going digital, while Agile is low-tech/analog?
  • Beyond Budgeting…
  • Agile outside the workplace .. Agile at home.
  • Personal Kanban
  • The business of technical debt
  • Total ignorance on the business side
  • “Management 3.0” - Bringing Agile practices to managers through Management 3.0
  • How do you make organization space to overcome the objection of “We have to time”?
  • Agile for Beginners.
  • How can we avoid becoming the next “Silver Bullet”?
  • Swashbooking session - a speed reading technique
  • Product Owner in an Enterprise setting.
  • Why are there only 2 people under 30 in Agile?
  • How to find, quantify and eliminate waste?
  • Temenos
  • Serving Smaller Communities (cities)
  • Scrumban issues
  • Architecture - learning from software and building construction … learning from each other
  • Have thrown the baby out with the bathwater
  • Release Planning
  • Writing User Stories
  • Meditation for Agile Coaching - Phsyco-Active stuff
  • 15 minutes of resources and 45 minutes of meditation
  • 2 sessions proposed, and merged
  • Learning path from Scrum master to Agile Coach
  • How to make spaces that support creative work
  • SOLID principles in software
  • Agile use in corporate containers - Governance issue
  • Agile Lean transformation team - a management team that can use agile

References from the camp

Books - What are you reading that needs a broader Audience?

These are book references that were written on flip charts on the wall in answer to the question “What are you reading that needs a broader Audience?”

Books Referenced in Sessions

Resources for Agile Coaching