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Agile QA - ACCCA13 Sessions

Agile QA - Why does it exist, should it exist?

  • What is it?
    • A set of values
    • expert
    • includes automated tests - non-singular thing
    • is continuous and the responsibility of all team members
    • misunderstood … what is the definition of Q/A
    • non-sequitor, oxymoron
    • must be baked in up front
    • not “testing”
    • iterative
  • How Google Tests Software book. Google has a role of “S/W Engineer - Test”
  • Q/A includes developing a system that resists failure
  • “Quality is not a role, it is the state that a story is in”
  • great book Impact Mapping
  • A story goes through a state where its:
    • functional, deployable
    • performance secure
    • usable
    • useful
    • successful
  • what about product failure? How is it tied back to a Story?
  • Governance - ultimately QA is a gatekeeper into production.
    • Regulatory compliance, for example PCI compliance, security attack testing
  • Continuous Integration is foundational for Agile QA
  • Agile Testing - book by Crispin & Gregory
  • If a tester cannot describe a risk-based testing practice, you are in trouble.