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Changing Behaviour - ACCCA13 Sessions

Changing Behaviour Without Focussing on Motivation

  • lead by Jason Little of LeanIntuit
  • I need both ability and motivation to change
  • there is an activation threshold for change
    • Change is not likely to happen unless the sum of motivation+ability is above some threshold
  • Motivation to change can be stimulated by some trigger
    • the trigger for change will depend on where the person is at
  • Facilitate trigger to improve the ability to change
    • e.g. motivation to develop automated smoke tests - facilitate trigger no good, group had the ability to do it but no motivation
  • Spark trigger … demo to motivate the change .. show them the code of how I did this
  • Queuing trigger … making people aware of a practice or technique they are not aware of
    • “I didn’t know we could do do that … cool, let’s give it a try
  • Focussing on just ability by training is not enough, focussing on motivation is not enough
  • SCARF by David Rock See also:
    • People’s brains react to the same way under emotional/social threat as when under physical threat
      • Flight or Fight response - people feel threatened by a change will react like they are going to be mugged
      • Cortisol release: Stress hormone
      • Dopamine release: Relaxation, happiness hormone
    • Different people react in different ways … diverse teams will generally be more accepting of change and perform better than homogenous teams
    • S - Status: My status, seniority, or position is under threat
      • “Power of Position”, or someone try to beat you down is a Status threat
    • C - Certainty: Feeling of safety. How did you do that, What do I need to do to make it work
    • A - Autonomy: The freedom to act independently.
      • Some people want to be told what to do. Some really need to feel they can set their own direction
    • R - Relatedness: The need to feel like a member of a group, the need to belong
      • e.g. The need to follow process - people who value certainty and relatedness
    • F - Fairness: “its not fair”
      • e.g. I think I’m an Agile expert and you brought in an Agile coach. Its not fair, and I’m going to fight that coach
  • “Authority Board” -Tool to help threatened managers
    • define what staff do, and what managers do…. delegate to staff, define and escalation policy.