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Lean Techniques - ACCCA13 Sessions

Lean Techniques - What is Lean?

  • 5 principles of lean - from Warnack & Jones
    • Specify the Value
    • Map the value stream
    • Flow
    • Pull
    • Pursuit of Perfection
  • Thinking Lean - example of a can of Coca Cola
  • knowledge work
    • Peter Drucker - knowledge workers make executive decisions that affect the bottom line every day, in the trenches
    • Anyone can stop production
  • Doing work is less important than improving work. Learning how to build the best cars is more important than building cars.
    • Relentless improvement in the pursuit of perfection
  • Kaizan - Continuous improvement
  • People
    • Demming - The System of Profound Knowledge (a.k.a “The Great Stuff)
      • Appreciation for the system - treat our factory/team/organization as a system and work on the improvement of the performance of the system as a whole
      • Variation - we need to understand variation (Shewhart pioneered statistical quality control techniques)
        • Special Cause Variation - an outlier caused by an external event
      • Theory of Knowledge - meta-conditions - learning about how we learn, double-loop learning
        • Peter Senge’s 5th Discipline
      • Psychology - left as a placeholder. Systems involve people, so there must be a strong human element.
  • Kahneman - behavioural economics - Thinking Fast and Slow book
    • how to knowledge workers make executive decisions that affect the bottom line?
    • Humans are not econs … not economically rational machines that make decisions in terms of economic self-interest.
  • Donald Reinertsen
    • Principles of product development flow
    • managing the design factory
    • use “economic models” instead of “proxy variables” (like ROI) or observation (which is biased)