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Agile Coach Camp Canada Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

  1. How to teach anyone anything
    • You first need to teach them from where they are at. Teach them from where they are
    • What are their hurtles? Intellectual, Emotional
    • What is their motivation? Motivation is where the engagement comes from
    • All learning is done through meaningful association
    • You need to teach them to do it in a safe, secure environment
    • Exercises, homework really matters here
  2. How Many Agile Coaches Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?
    • Olivier Gourment
  3. Agile Estimating - focus on early delivery!
    • In research time and budget does not matter … the right answer to the problem is … estimating not required
    • But could always deliver on time… because you focussed on delivering early, then improving
    • So focus on early delivery first, if you want to meet your estimate.
  4. Agile Rant
    • Glen Waters
    • Lets stop doing “Agile”, and focus on the real problems
    • I want to make work suck a little less
  5. Follow your fear day
    • Todd Charron -
    • We don’t do things we really want to do because your are afraid
    • Improv - if you are afraid of doing something on stage, then that’s exactly what you should do
    • August 24 is follow your fear day - talk to Todd
  6. Motorcycles & Coaching
    • Nancy
    • when life throws you a curve, lean into it!
    • 10 steps to cornering
    • Motorcycles as a metaphor for Agile
    • Ask students questions about what you want them to learning
  7. Extreme Skiing in Argentina
    • Don’t Panic! Ask for help
  8. Actualize your dream, but don’t fall asleep doing it (I could not find a video on YouTube)
    • playing soccer, wanted to score, but didn’t have good kick, so played defence
    • coached soccer … good coach, but could’t teach his kids how to score
    • Watching game in Liverpool … Beckham scored, and he feel asleep when Beckham scored!
    • remember - “The driver always dies in the middle of the road”
  9. Alexi - Learning Music (I could not find a video on YouTube)
    • Learn and master new repertoire, constantly
    • Avoid defining, naming things, giving them a label