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Agile Coach Camp Canada 2013

Day 2

Agile Coffee

  • S/W Development as a Creative Activity - yes or no?
  • “Drive - the surprising truth about what motivates us” - Daniel Pink - book
  • people frame problems in ways that they can’t see the solution … you need the right mind-framework, and the right kind of motivation.
  • “human work”, “knowledge work”, “creative work” are not exactly the same
  • It was a lot to do with Mastery - just like a building architect.

  • “In the Box” - a recent book
  • What do a contact lenses, and ATM machine, and an exercise bicycle have in common?
  • They all have a common theme of minus or subtraction.
    • ATM subtracts the need for a teller, contact lens subtracts the need for a frame, and exercise bike subtracts the need for a rear wheel contacting the ground.
  • “In the Box” - what do they have in common, how do they differ from a high level of abstraction? How can you create new things and new markets by addition and subtraction and finding high-level abstractions.

  • Helping Organizations see the value of Agile Coaching
  • Lean Change helps by setting up experiments that show short-term value
  • “In and On” - Are you working “In the Business”, or are you working “On the Business”?
    • The value of the coach is that they work on the business


  • The Clash of the Titans (Michael Spayed - Founder Agile Institute)
  • Spiral Dynamics - tool for understanding human development in both an individual and group level [] []
    • Are there patterns of similarity?
    • Survival, instinct (100,000 years ago) - Individual - Beige
    • Tribes, the world was magic, propitiate the gods (50,000) - Communal
    • Kings, feudal system, might makes right (10,000) - Individual - Red
    • Truth Force, organized hierarchy, honour, moral code, fundamentalism (5,000) - Communal Blue
    • Enlightenment, free achiever, scientific method, capitalism, materialism - Individual - Orange (60% of the western world)
    • Multi-cultural, egalitarian, relativistic values, global ideas - Communal - Green (30% of of the developed world)
    • Integrative, Systems Thinking, express self but never at the expense of other - Individual - Yellow (10% of the developed world)
    • Turquoise - Spiritual, wholistic - Communal
  • As you move up the levels you transcend them, but include them … we become for capable. They are healthy and unhealthy expressions of each level.
  • On different skills you can be at different levels, called “Developmental Lines”
  • Where is Agile coming from? The Agile Manifesto is Blue, but Agile done well is a combination of Yellow and Green
  • Corporations act largely out of Orange
  • Social activism is often common out of Green

  • ScrumBan - The next level for scrum teams?
  • Put maintenance work on a separate KanBan wall (use KanBan for support). Set WIP at 3.
  • Used Scrum for new features … and lowered the capacity in Scrum to cover the support work.
  • Team decides whether staff are dedicated to the support or not.
  • “Scrum is like your mother-in-law, it points out all your faults”
  • The data around utilization, and how much work is going into support it very clear.
  • Note that have fixed iterations is not in conflict/contradiction with KanBan.